It’s not your customer’s job to remember you.  It is your obligation and responsibility to make sure they don’t have the chance to forget you

Patricia Fripp


Of all the ways to reach out to customers, email marketing is one of the most important.  Effective emails are crucial to your overall online success.  In fact, all of our clients who engage their clients with helpful and relevant communication have consistently grown their businesses over the years -even when the market was challenging.  Yes, it requires time and effort.  Yes, people are constantly getting ‘spammed’ and you may be nervous to be perceived in a negative way. But, with the right messaging, useful and relevant offers, proper timing and compelling content, your e-newsletter may very well be more important than your website! Pretty bold statement, huh?  Consider this…you’re talking to people who are already sold on your brand! They are open to knowing about new items in your store, a client only promotion, exclusive events, etc.

Email communications allows you to speak personally and directly to your customers and prospects and to carry on a relationship that contributes significantly to sales.  Conversely, chances are less than 1 percent of your website visitors will ever buy your product or service.  Even the best marketers with the most successful websites seldom convert more than 5% of their website visitors into customers when their website is their only marketing channel.  That’s why an opt-in mechanism is vital for capturing your website and in-store visitors contact information, developing a relationship with them, and, as a result, dramatically increasing the chance of ultimately making the sale.