proximity marketing for real estate

Beacon technology now makes it easy for real estate agents to get and sell more listings at a nominal cost.

As you well know, consumers have an intimate relationship with their Smartphones -we rely on them for everything from communication to research, productivity to shopping.

In fact, your clients will most likely look at their cell phone anywhere from 10-100 times a day. Apple & Samsung recently confirmed that its device users unlock their phones 80 times every day.

We are addicted to our phones and savvy real estate marketers are taking advantage of proximity marketing in several ways.

Small beacons are placed inside a real estate listing, and can even be kept on a Realtor themselves. This beacon connection then transmits information directly to a customer’s bluetooth enabled smartphone within a 100 metre radius (think the size of a football field!). The beacon allows an agent to automatically provide marketing information a curious buyer or potential client’s device while driving past a listing, walking through an agent’s open house or making an agent a “walking billboard” while having them on their person!

Beacons can give exceptional benefits to Realtors with targeted messages such as:

Absolutely NO APP is required and messages can be scheduled to change whenever works best for you. Think of all the printing costs you would save and how easily you would stand out from the competition on a listing presentation with this kind of technology! Perfect for:

  1. Detailed listing information
  2. Just listed or just sold pop ups
  3. Open house registrations
  4. Gathering testimonials
  5. General promotion of an agent plus much more.

There are several ways we can deploy this exciting AFFORDABLE technology for your real estate business that we are excited to discuss with you!  We have worked successfully with Realtors just like you in the past and know this approach would work exceptionally well for your business.

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