proximity marketing for restaurants

Consumers have an intimate relationship with Smartphones -we rely on them for everything from communication to research, productivity to shopping and to avoid human contact. As with any marketing nothing is a guarantee, however in this technology driven time and with the age of the consumer drastically changing, one thing that we feel comfortable putting a “guarantee” on is that your consumer will most likely look at their cell phone anywhere from 10-100 times a day.
As for smartphone users, Apple & Samsung recently confirmed that its device users unlock their phones 80 times every day. That’s about as much as six to seven times every hour.
So no matter your Smartphone preference, the facts make a clear point…we are addicted to our phones and savvy restaurant marketers are taking advantage of proximity marketing in several ways.
Beacons can be placed anywhere in the restaurant or near an outlet’s location. This beacon connection then transmits information directly to customer’s bluetooth enabled smartphone listening for the beacon’s signals with a 100metre radius. These allow restaurants to provide deep content information about latest deals and discounts information to their customer’s devices. Once the beacon gets connected, the information is automatically passed and delivered to customers devices when they pass near the restaurant with beacons location.
Beacons in restaurants can give exceptional benefits to customers as well as owners with marketing messages of:
  1. Latest Deals
  2. Discounts
  3. Reward Program
  4. Special Offer of the Day
  5. Satisfacton Surveys
  6. plus much more.


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