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auto dealer branding hamilton 
“Thanks to Taylormade Ideas we have managed to pull back considerably on local advertising, saving thousands every month and, if anything, our sales have been increasing.  While I can’t say all of this is due to Jennifer Taylor, I most certainly can say that she has been an important contribution to our overall success.”
chiropractor marketing hamilton 
“Jennifer was very professional and creative with my marketing challenges, specifically with helping me get on page one of Google. The results were amazing and I will definitely be using Taylormade Ideas in my next business marketing plan. Thanks Jennifer!”
store branding hamilton 
“I am truly amazed how quickly Taylormade Ideas was able to understand what I wanted to do for a brand extension of Something Pretty Boutique. I absolutely love the name, the branding, everything!  I will always be grateful to Jennifer for how much she helped me with my marketing.  I would recommend Jennifer and Taylormade Ideas to any fashion retailer in Hamilton. Oh, and she’s also a lot of fun to work with!”
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