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How Beacon Technology is Changing the Game

Unlock the Power of Your Customer’s Smartphone

We have an intimate relationship with our Smartphone’s—we rely on them for everything from communication to research, productivity to shopping and to avoid human contact. When it comes to marketing for your business we are always trying to figure out how to get in front of the most consumers to get that potential sale.

As with any marketing nothing is a guarantee, however in this day & age and with the needs of the consumer drastically changing, one thing that we feel comfortable putting a “guarantee” on is that your customer will most likely look at their cell phone anywhere from 10-100 times a day.

In fact, Apple & Samsung recently confirmed that its device users unlock their phones 80 times every day. That’s about as much as six to seven times every hour.

So no matter your Smartphone preference, the facts make a clear point…

We are addicted to our mobile devices…smart marketers are capitalizing on that fact.

Recent technological developments have turned Bluetooth
beacons into a competitive tool for proximity-based alerts and
notifications. Used in proximity notification campaigns, BLE
beacons present significant opportunities for companies to
connect with their customers at the moment of choice. Beacons
have applications in a diverse array of industries including
real estate, retail, service contracting, museums, galleries, and transport.

By enabling managers to communicate with visitors, proximity will contribute to better customer experiences, higher foot traffic, and increased loyalty
and engagement rates.

When implemented effectively, it will maximize the time companies spend engaging with customers and strengthen competitiveness.

How it Works

Beacon-based Opportunities

A successful proximity notification campaign relies on identifying
an organization’s particular needs, goals, and possibilities
and carefully crafting targeted solutions.

There are many applications for BLE powered proximity notifications such as:


Service Contractors

Real Estate

Automotive Dealerships

Plus other service providers like

    • gyms, hotels, universities, and tourism agencies

We work with each client to develop their strategy, creative, execution and monitoring ensuring their campaign works in concert with other marketing efforts.

Below are a few examples of how a proximity notification campaign can be applied to different industries.


Bluetooth technology has opened a new set of possibilities for retailers. The
technology’s high penetration rates ensure that nearly every customer can be quickly hooked up and looped into a given marketing campaign.

The ability to effectively communicate with customers is central to every retailer’s core work. Until recently, this was achieved through physical signage, email, and sometimes proximity tools like NFC or QR codes. None of these, however, have achieved personal and deeply pertinent messaging strategies.

Bluetooth-based programs are much more active, allowing an app to connect the user’s position with data. By targeting customers based on their actual location and background, retailers greatly increase the chance of turning a single, well-informed message into a sale.

Targeted Promotions

Vinyl signs and cardboard cut-outs are one way to advertise a product in-store, but, in a sea of physical advertisements, it is easy for customers to be overwhelmed.  SessionM surveyed
12,000 US shoppers and found that 90% of retail customers are using their phone in stores.  Product pyramids and banners
cannot compete with games and social media.

Retailers must add more digital components to their campaigns. To succeed,they must understand what the customer wants, make it readily accessible and carefully tailored. Using digital content and more specific proximity information, retailers can send promotions to
customers that fit their in-store behavior and position.


Loyalty Programs

Rewards programs and loyalty cards are commonly used to keep customers engaged, interested, and coming back to the same store. Many programs, however, suffer from a lack
of transparency. It can be difficult for a customer to know at any given time just how many points they have accumulated. Beacons can be used to deliver that information in a timely and
meaningful way. Some stores use physical signage to indicate existing rewards programs or possible points that can be collected. With beacons, a customer can be sent a notification the moment they enter the store. Instead of simply reminding them about the program, the customer’s data can be accessed in order to create a personalized experience. A customer can instantly be informed that they are 25 points away from hitting their next reward goal. Just by entering the store, the user can collect points.

Providing Valuable Information

Up to 90% of shoppers use their mobile devices in store, which is leading retailers to move more ads online. However, 54% of shoppers use those devices to perform price comparisons. Shoppers even use smartphones to read reviews and product details. This speaks to more than a reliance on technology; it reflects a sense of distrust. Sharing real, solid information with customers will generate more purchases in the long run by creating a sense of transparency. Businesses should aim to send more than just specs and deals. They should consider including impartial reviews or ratings to help the customer on their journey and perhaps even offer further information that would enhance the product. Instead of just sending a deal for a particular food product, an app could suggest relevant recipes. By combining beacons with a Point of Sale system, a proximity-enabled app could inform customers about products in stock. Shoppers can instantly see what other sizes or colors are available for any given product.

Real Estate

In this highly competitive market, there are indeed numerous ways to market real estate businesses – be it print, outdoor, newspaper or flyers. However, most of these ways fail in reaching out to potential buyers and sellers at the right time and in the right manner.  Beacon technology, on the other hand, is able to address this problem efficiently.

That’s why today beacon technology has gained tremendous momentum among real estate professionals globally. Whether you’re starting out in the real estate space or are a seasoned pro, proximity marketing promises you a list of new ways to reach out to prospective buyers and  impress sellers at the right time and in the right manner, to help you sell more and save marketing dollars that you would otherwise invest in billboards and banners.

Here are just three ways proximity marketing can positively impact a Realtor’s sales:

Detailed Listing Information

Most buyers today, begin their hunt for a new address on the web and they do not even bother to go visit a property in person if they don’t find enough visual and factual information about the property.

One of the best use cases of beacons in real estate is a guided property tour. When an interested buyer is at the property location, you could give them access to a virtual tour around the property. This will help to highlight features that they may not have noticed otherwise. This way they can see the property at their own pace, without losing the useful information of a traditional property tour.


Just Listed – Just Sold

Realtors using Bluetooth beacons are saving thousands of dollars on printing costs of flyers and postcards by shifting their communications to digital.

Furthermore, considerable more information, including a virtual tour, listing details and a call to action can be included in the notification.

Just Listed and Just Sold notifications are being sent to neighbours around the property, creating impact and positioning the Realtor as ahead of the marketing curve.

Open House

Allow automated check-ins into your property. The beacon placed at the property’s entrance can detect your real estate app and thus prompt the respective visitor to register via the app. This benefits both sides of the buyer-seller interaction; as a seller you are now aware of all of the prospective buyers visiting your property; as a buyer, guests can have an enhanced experience via informational brochures and welcome messages sent during check-in. If you have specific agents for each property, they can be notified when there is a visitor on site and decide the next steps accordingly.

Service Contractors

Beacon technology now makes it easy for service contractors to promote their business 24/7

We have an intimate relationship with our Smartphones -we rely on them for everything from communication to research, productivity to shopping.

In fact, people  will most likely look at their cell phone anywhere from 10-100 times a day. Apple & Samsung recently confirmed that its device users unlock their phones 80 times every day.

We are addicted to our phones and smart service contractors are taking advantage of proximity marketing in several ways.

For a service based business or any business that has vehicles on the road continually, Proximity Marketing is a perfect way to promote. Think of this as a mobile billboard or a traveling sign for your business except instead of just being in a fixed spot,  it is traveling with you and sending out push notifications to anyone within a 300 metre radius of you!

Your “mobile billboard” is clickable so people can actually take action on the message you are sending them!


Let the Neighbours Know!


Your Mobile Billboard

Service contractors are constantly on the road moving from neighbourhood to neighbourhood. Tuck a beacon in your service vehicle and literally everyone with a Bluetooth enabled smartphone will be notified about your business.  Send messages like Service Promotions, Your Rates and Hours, a link to your website – anything is possible! We have numerous contractors using Proximity Marketing as it makes it easy for them to promote their business without even thinking about it!

Automobile Dealerships

The process of purchasing a car happens more and more online. In the online world it is a must to have good search engine optimization and to be user friendly, but what about the real offline space? Physical people at a dealership deserve the same attention.

The modern car buyer is very different than its predecessors. They come armed with technology, tools, and resources. They want the best deals, and they know how to find them. Low customer loyalty shows that legacy auto dealer solutions just aren’t doing the job. And it’s a big problem.

JD Power’s 2014 New Autoshopper study revealed several unnerving results. They found, of customers using their phone, 61% looked up vehicle pricing information. A further 42% looked up model information. That means 42% of phone users would rather ask the internet about a specific car than a trained salesperson. To realistically drive up customer loyalty, dealers have to fight technology with technology.

The sales process is totally different compared to a few years ago. Customer experience is the key to offering a good service. Beacon technology is an excellent fit in the gap between the online and offline worlds. How?

Sales Floor Experience

In order to strengthen the delivery of information it is possible to equip cars in the showroom with a beacon that sends personalized relevant content to the customer. For example, it could be information about; gas mileage, colour options, body styles available, finance options,rebates and promotions, reviews. etc.

Whether it’s real or perceived, today’s customers simply don’t like being at the mercy of a salesperson. They want information. They want to make their own decisions. There is a new dynamic at play, and auto dealerships need to react accordingly.


After Hours Marketing

Often customers want to visit a dealership after hours to quietly inspect a potential vehicle at a time that may be more convenient to them.

A welcome and registration message could be sent to the prospective buyer, enabling a member of the sales team to follow up during business hours.

As with on the sales floor, the vehicles could be also be equipped with beacons that highlight special offers and promotions or encourage a test drive.

Mobile Sales Tool

Proximity marketing isn’t just for your potential customers’ devices.  Equip your sales team with a beacon and they can be literally a walking billboard for your dealership! 

Imagine being in a sports arena or at a child’s sport’s activity and having the ability to passively inform others around your new vehicle launches, promotions or finance incentives.

A call to action can be created or prospective clients and thus be entered in to the dealership’s CRM system,



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